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Our History

Gospel at Home

No one, not even Alda Carneiro, could have predicted that the Gospel at Home that began in 1989 in her apartment in the city of Danbury, Connecticut, would flourish into such an important Spiritist institution, in the light of Jesus’ teachings. Ana Maria Carneiro, lovingly nicknamed Naninha, told us all that it had already been planned in the Spiritual Realm. She suggested to her sister, Alda, that she start the Gospel at Home, and continue with it, even if alone, as the Spiritual Guides would be present. And so it happened. At first with two people, three people, sometimes more or less than that amount, but always with the guidance of Spiritual Mentors, who, through Naninha’s mediumship, sent messages of encouragement from Brazil to our friend Alda. “Don’t give up; you are not alone. When we work for Jesus, He always sends His messengers of love to support and sustain us even in our most difficult moments.” The Spiritual Guides would say that this would be one more point of light that, when lit in the darkness, would help not only those present, but many others, as a light that comes from Above would benefit the whole region.  It was as if a contract had been signed with the Superior Spirits to spread Jesus’ message through the Spiritism, as codified by Allan Kardec, throughout the American soil.

As time had passed, the group grew larger, as did their needs and interests, and other studies were created to fulfill them. New people started to awaken to the work of the Spiritist journey, perhaps reinstating commitments of the past.

With the larger group, Alda moved to a larger apartment with two garages. Soon after, one of the garages became a meeting place and a decision was made to establish a Spiritist Center. Even though the Spiritist Center had been opened since 1989, it was only formally created in July  1996, with the name Centro Espírita A Caminho da Luz, in the Portuguese language, and AKSC of Danbury, in the English language, as shown in the official records in the United States on May, 14 2003.


The Path

It was not long before the garage space was not large enough to accommodate all of the participants. A new space, previously known as “Hari Be,” was then rented on Main Street in the city of Danbury, CT. In 1998, the Spiritist Center AKSC of Danbury moved to yet another location, the “CVS building” where it welcomed Divaldo Franco for the first time.  

From that point on, the Center grew even larger, as did the need to move to a more spacious location, more specifically in Bethel. In December of 2013, the AKSC of Danbury moved back to Danbury, and it has approximately 30 workers and welcomes around 50 people to its public meetings. The Spiritist Center AKSC of Danbury puts a large amount of work into Children and Youth Education, as well as spreading the doctrine in the English language. Come visit and get to know the group that has been long working for the good, bringing joy, truth and love, as taught by our Master Jesus. 

Hence, we follow On The Way to the Light (A Caminho da Luz translated into English)

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