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Day Care

Spiritist Classes for the Whole Family

Family Spiritist Education promotes activities to experience and study Spiritism in a comprehensive way. It serves pregnant women, babies, children, youth, and adults divided by specific age groups. It promotes the family integration with God.

Kids Playing with Lego


Class for Babies (the  cuties)

Spiritist Education for Babies provides through sensory activities a special moment of interaction, learning, and integration of the reincarnated or newly reincarnated spirit with its parents and the environment around them.  


Class for 4 to 6 yo (fast runners)

Spiritist Education for 4 to 6 yo aims to promote connections with oneself and God through visual and hands-on learners, short attention span, limited vocabulary, need to move around, and adapt to the necessity of everyone.

Kids Running
Kids Playing Tug of War


Class for 7 to 11 yo (teen to be)

Spiritist Education for 7 to 11 yo aims to teach about the moral values of Jesus, using tools that will encourage them to think, feel and act. They will also feel that they are part of a group that seeks respect and love.

Young Volunteers


Class for 12 and up (adults in spirit)

Spiritist Education for 12 and up promotes  the integration of oneself, with others, and with God. It also favors the connection and sharing among young people involved the Spiritism Movement.

Discussing Books


Class for Adults (kids in spirt)

Spiritist Education for Adults aims to teach that the family represents a fundamental part of society, a privileged space for the first learning of the reincarnated spirits, with a relevant function of spiritual maturation.

Climbers in Rock Wall


Spiritist Educators are aware that babies, children, youth, and adults are reincarnated Spirits in the stage of improvement, endowed with the skills and experiences developed throughout their multiple existences.

3 to 6
9 to 12
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